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people first, everything else second; God above all

nick scarantino is a man with many passions living in Birmingham, Alabama. nick blogs about social and faith based issues through an often dissenting theological lens. He also writes fictional stories communicating universal truths in compelling ways, as well scholarly writings addressing common church issues with an emphasis on historical and literary accuracy. nick writes, records, and produces all his own music with which he hopes to build a connection between people.

recent projects

the clemency camps

In 2017 the first Clemency Camps opened, forcing all homosexuals to be placed within their electrified fences and removed from society as a whole. But not all are content to stay within their confines forever.

hello world

nick’s debut albums features songs he’s written over the last 10+ years of his life in styles ranging from just piano to punk-rock. Taking numerous musical risks, and refusing to be confined to a single musical genre, hello world showcases the best of nick and his musical abilities to date.


Joe had heard the rumors about the retreat house, but thought he and his students could handle it. If he were honest with himself, he wanted to shake them out of their comfort zone. Unfortunately, he got the group into more than any had bargained for as they find themselves struggling to escape the house without dying.


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