Published on Oct. 31, 2013

Joe had heard the rumors about the retreat house, but thought he and his students could handle it. If he were honest with himself, he wanted to shake them out of their comfort zone. Unfortunately, he got the group into more than any had bargained for as they find themselves struggling to escape the house without dying.

Possession takes you into the lives of the students of Covenant Community church who are just like you. They fight, laugh, and love each other; but half the time they don’t know what they believe about the darker things in life. That is, until everything changed (cliche statement? Yes, but true nonetheless). Their annual retreat turned into a test of not only their faith, but their will, and they will never be the same.



And excellent first short story from a young author detailing the events of possession based on his personal experiences. I'm looking forward to more in the future from Nick.

This was an enjoyable yet terrifying read. I liked the style of writing and the characterization was well done. I just couldn't understand why Joe wanted the group to experience that whole thing, especially when there's already so much evil in the world to deal with without toying with the direct source of that evil (demons per se) and putting others at risk. Even reading this was giving me chills since a lot of this was based on true life experience, which makes it that much more horrifying. Wonderful and engrossing story. 🙂