The Clemency Camps

Published on June 1, 2015

In 2017, the first Clemency Camps opened, forcing all homosexuals to be placed within their electrified fences and removed from society as a whole, but not all are content to stay within their confines forever.

The Clemency Camps brings to life a world ruled by fear and hatred at the hand of a nefarious pastor and his associates. Inspired by a true idea, a pastor manages to get a law enacted that forces all homosexuals to be placed in Clemency Camps. Surrounded by electric fences, the camps are not meant to kill the individuals, but allow them to live without influencing the rest of society. The law was meant to rid the world of homosexuals once they all died out, but they quickly learned the folly of their ways. As money for the camps ran dry, they continued to populate the camps but refrained from providing them supplies or food. Campers were left to fend for themselves. Not content to let that be the end, Hosea embarks on a daring journey, unraveling a twisted web of lies and murder, bringing his friends along with him for a ride of danger, betrayal, fear, love, and grace.




Whilst there are some issues with the plot, it's a solid effort from an author who really seems to have some good ideas. Worth a read.

Really well written book that makes you think about the churches attitude towards the LGBT community. I started reading it and couldnt put it down until I finished it 🙂
Good Reads

Amazing book. I couldn't put it down until I finished reading it. The story is really catching and the author makes you feel like you're amidst the scene.

I would say this book has an amazing idea behind it so with that I give it 5 stars. Very with our times and I felt connected enough while reading. Very quick read if you want something for a trip.

Well worth the time, this book takes you on a journey, it is a "what if" story based on a culture clash that is all too relevent today.

Poor grammar all over the place, not sure this was ever looked over prior to publishing. The story was also extremely sappy and unbelievable, yes I am aware it was fiction.