About Nick

Nick grew up in a Christian home, going to church at least once a week. He was taught countless times that God was love; the church was a family. But Nick never really felt truly connected. Because, not only was Nick taught that God was love, he was also taught that being gay was wrong. Growing up as a Christian who also happens to be gay, Nick struggled for many years with feelings of inadequacy. Like he wasn’t good enough for God. He tried to make up for his sexuality by being overly involved in the church¬†and overly zealous in his evangelizing.

It wasn’t until after graduating with his degree in Biblical Studies that Nick realized the truth- God doesn’t care what your sexual orientation is. God loves everyone the same. God welcomes everyone the same. Knowing what it’s like to grow up feeling like an outcast, like you can’t be your true self, alone, Nick now strives to help others realize they are loved. He wants nothing more than anyone who interacts with him to feel loved not only by Nick, but by God. His writings strive to emphasize this in creative ways, and his music connects with people who have felt the same way in ways that only music can.

Nick also strives to bridge the gap between the faith and LGBT communities. He has been hurt by the both communities for his involvement in the other. In all Nick does, he wants to show the communities that they can exist together; that someone can be both LGBT and Christian. He does this by reminding the faith community that their only assignment from God is to love to all, and showing the love of God to the LGBT community that so desperately needs to feel it.