crafter of moving stories with compelling narratives and relatable characters

orchestrator of emotions through instruments and vocals

scribbler of thoughts and inquirer of questions critical of the status quo

—Biblical Scholar—
investigator of truths in ancient texts through a historical and literary lens
Nick Scarantino


The Clemency Camps

The Clemency CampsIn 2017, the first Clemency Camps opened, forcing all homosexuals to be placed within their electrified fences and removed from society as a whole, but not all are content to stay within their confines forever.

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final-coverJoe had heard the rumors about the retreat house, but thought he and his students could handle it. If he were honest with himself, he wanted to shake them out of their comfort zone. Unfortunately, he got the group into more than any had bargained for as they find themselves struggling to escape the house without dying.

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Sweet Sweet Kiss (Xmas Mix)

Nick Scarantino

Born to Slay

Nick Scarantino

Color the Dark


A Scarytino Christmas


Posted on October 10, 2016

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A Vote for Trump is…

Put aside your political parties. Put aside your initial bias towards one candidate or another. Let’s take a moment to just think about Trump. Not trump compared to [insert other politician’s name here]. Not Trump the Republican. Not Trump the businessman. Not Trump the father/husband/friend. Just Trump. And now let’s think about all the things […]