Posted on July 4, 2015

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On Genocide [Book Brief]

SYNOPSIS Four scholars attempt to explain the genocide that’s rampant within the Old Testament through the lens of Christianity.  Year  2003 Publisher  Zondervan Author(s) -C. S. Cowles -Daniel Gard -Eugene Merrill -Tremper -Longman Ease of Reading   Difficult TL;DR The actions of the people during that time are things we will never understand. If we spend […]

Posted on May 27, 2015

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Tears of Joyrow

  This isn’t the article I was going to write. I had originally planned to write a post discussing the hypocrisy of the Christians who oppose same-sex marriage. In light of the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in the entire United States, many people have voiced their opinions so far. There have been countless people […]