Red Letter Revolution [Book Brief]

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What if Jesus really meant what he said? That question is the thrust of this book. Written by “Red Letter Christians” (those who follow Christ as the ultimate authority on how to conduct oneself), it is essentially an introduction into Red Letter Christianity.

This book really opens your eyes. It’s basically an expose on modern evangelical Christianity and all the ways it falls short of Christ’s teachings, and yet we call ourselves followers of Christ. It really shows how much we have tried to change our faith to fit what we want it to believe. I will spend a moment to gloss over a few of the issues it discusses, but I really recommend reading/listening to (like I did) this book.

Being Pro-Life. That means being against abortion, right? Well, what about wars? And capital punishment? Aren’t those things that end life? So are we as Christians against abortion actually pro-life, or are we just anti-abortion? If you support the death penalty or wars, then you’re probably not actually pro-life. Jesus reverses the idea of an eye-for-an-eye and he always expects people to oppose others in ways that are non-violent. Followers of Jesus cannot support the death penalty and war as calling themselves pro-life. We need to come up with a worldview that is pro-life from womb to the tomb, not just womb to birth.

Immigration. Surely, God wouldn’t want us to let all those foreigners into our country. We were born here; we did no work to make it here; we were privileged. They don’t deserve to be allowed here. They didn’t do anything to earn it… and yet, neither did we. Nor did any of our ancestors who immigrated here (and were welcomed.) Nor did any of us do anything to earn be welcomed into God’s kingdom. He welcomed us by grace, as we should welcome immigrants into America by grace. We are no better than anyone else, why exclude those who wish to join us?

Church Spending. Surely it’s a problem when more churches spend more on their buildings than on feeding the poor. Especially when Christ states that He does not dwell in a building. And when countless times He tells us to care for those less fortunate. And yet we care more about our buildings, our salaries, our equipment. We need to be up to date and modern. We will (maybe) help those in need with whatever is leftover. That sounds incredibly backward to me, and Red Letter Christians.

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