A Vote for Trump is…

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Put aside your political parties. Put aside your initial bias towards one candidate or another. Let’s take a moment to just think about Trump. Not trump compared to [insert other politician’s name here]. Not Trump the Republican. Not Trump the businessman. Not Trump the father/husband/friend. Just Trump. And now let’s think about all the things that have come out of his mouth. Not just things that were revealed recently, but those that have been ongoing.

I’m not going to repeat them here, you know what they are. You know they are inappropriate for anyone to say, least of all someone who wants to be the leader of the United States.

In light of the many countless atrocities Trump has spewed, I’d like to make a (non-comprehensive list) of all the things a vote for Trump is…

… a vote against…

African Americans
Latinx families
LGBT communities
mental illness
the disenfranchised
the poor

Now, there’s a reason I’m writing this on October 10, 2016. Today marks another year that the United States is honoring a man very similar to Trump. Columbus was not a man who deserves a holiday. We should not be closing our schools and government offices in the name of a man who wiped out an entire population of indigenous people. Rape. Murder. Slavery. Are these the things the United States wants to honor?

If we vote for Trump, it seems so.

So, not only is a vote for Trump a vote against all the above (and so many others), it’s a vote in line with United States history.

Isn’t it time we grew as a people and said no more to not only Trump, but to honoring the horrors of our past (and present). Recognizing they happened, but saying we can no longer even appear to condone them, and move forward together, making the world a better place for everyone. Not just the white people with power and money.

grace and peace,